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IN-FLO Designs machining capabilities offer you a wide spectrum from prototype to production machining that will fulfill all your manufacturing needs.  
Our experienced key personnel have been servicing companies like yours since 1977.

Whatever your design or application, we have the capability and knowledge to finish your project or part on time and in tolerance.  We can provide technical assistance throughout your project, from design and material selection, to production effectiveness and cost.

Our Services
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Specializing in low cost prototype machining and fast turnaround
Prototype: Conventional machine for quick set-up and low volume production work

Semi Production: A blend of semi-automated and manual machines to create a lower cost part at a faster production rate

Full Production: Computer Numerical Controlled (CNN) machines in both Lathe and Mills to create close tolerance parts at a cost effective price
Our commitment is to produce the highest quality parts on all orders, big and small
Let IN-FLO Designs help you in: