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IN-FLO Designs supplies electronics and semiconductor companies in Silicon Valley with precision part and components.  Many of our customers have unique product designs that require customized manufacturing.  Through the use of precision machining and sophisticated manufacturing methods, we can produce an individual piece or thousands of parts, depending on your unique needs.

Our team at IN-FLO Designs provides the knowledge and resources you need to bring your product to market in the most expedient, cost-effective, and trouble-free manner.  Our services include:

Our expertise gives you a competitive advantage.

Our creativity and experience in developing and manufacturing products can help you gain a competitive advantage in your industry.  Whether you need a special part built, advice on a design, or a complex design manufactured, we have the necessary expertise.

As pioneers in the industry, we continue to develop new techniques for working with specialty plastics to meet extreme tolerance requirements.  Our highly trained engineers and machinists have a comprehensive knowledge of plastics and metals.  They understand the capabilities and limitations of each type.  They are able to advise you on the right material for any design.

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It's like having your own manufacturing facility...without the overhead.

Our custom capabilities are so individualized that it's like having a dedicated manufacturing team.  But you won't have the expense or management overhead that goes along with it.

CNC mills and lathes allow us the flexibility over our manufacturing processes.  With these precision machines we can build a broad range of applications, including components, machine parts, most minute parts, remanufactured precision machine parts, assemblies, sub-assemblies, and tools.

You can depend on our high quality and reliability.

We pride ourselves in producing precision work to a high level of tolerance.  Every product we build gets special attention from our quality control team.  We manufacture, assemble, and test our products in-house and select our suppliers for their ability to provide reliable products and services.  Each part we make is carefully inspected and tested for even the most minute defect.  And you can depend on us to deliver your products on time. 

This commitment to the highest quality in service, manufacturing, and product reliability guarantees that the products we build for you will meet the challenges of your demanding environment. 

Our staff is ready to meet with you to discuss your special requirements and assist you in developing the best approach to designing and manufacturing your products.