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Static Mixers
Static Mixers have no moving parts and are virtually maintenance free.  Our Static Mixer is designed in 100% Teflon fluorpolymers for chemical compatibility.  IN-FLO Designs' Static Mixers have flare type fittings on both ends allowing quick and easy hook-up in all standard fluoropolymer lines.  All products are precision machined to the highest quality standards.

Wafer Carriers

Controlling contamination in fluids has concerned semiconductor device manufacturers for years.  It is well known that chemical impurities and particulate contaminates on the wafer surface affect device performance and circuit yield.  Effective techniques for wafer cleaning have been fueled by process demands of shirking geometry and greater yields.  This has pushed the critical manufacturing to their limits.  Today's escalating semiconductor manufacturing process demands innovative solutions to maintain the stringent requirements of ultra pure process chemicals.  At  IN-FLO Designs, we have been solving fluid handling problems that have already been encountered in manufacturing processes.
Our PTFE Teflon carriers can be custom engineered in a full range of sizes to meet your precise specifications.  Unaffected by photo resists, acids, and corrosives.  Teflon Wafer Carriers are chemically inert, impervious to moisture, and free of micro voids and micro porosity.

Solid PTFE Thermowells
Solid PTFE Thermowells are designed for harsh chemical environments where temperatures are under 200 degrees Celsius. PTFE Thermowells are ideal in corrosive fluid where controlling contamination in fluids is critical.  Uses include semiconductor manufacturing and pharmaceutical process. 

Flare-Comp Fittings
Our Flare-Comp Fittings are designed to couple Fluoropolymer tubing to your stainless steel lines with one leak tight connection.  With Flare-Comp Fittings, you have a single fitting which combines a flare type fitting on one end with a compression fitting on the other.  All products are made from one piece of 316 stainless steel and precision machined to highest quality standards.